About us

gleetz.gg, a start-up founded in London, UK, in 2015, by former pro gamer Marc “vazy” Berthold and Alexandra “Maxima” Berthold, announces its launch. Its aim is to provide video gamers & esports enthusiasts of the world a social network, by filling the missing gap in the market and to take esports to the next professional level.

gleetz.gg is the ultimate professional network dedicated to Gaming & esports, providing the gamers of the world a place to connect with like-minded people, create their esports profile, share esports and video games related content and articles, follow their favourite players, teams or companies, get the latest news from the hottest esports events in the world and specifically search for and find jobs, opportunities or gaming teams to get involved in. gleetz.gg is the first platform dedicated to esports and video games, providing in one place everything that esports enthusiasts need. It is the social network for which the esports community was waiting for in order to take esports to the next level.

“I was a pro gamer during 10 years, and I know very well what we had, what we didn’t have and what we would have needed in order to make esports a real sport. esports brought me so much, that it is more than natural to help growing it. By bringing gleetz.gg to life, we want to ensure that every esports enthusiast in the world can live his passion fully” says Founder & CEO Marc Berthold.

gleetz.gg comes at the perfect time. The video games and esports market is booming and continues to receive more attention- day by day. While the competitions are being followed on a growing basis, the number of esports viewers and esports enthusiasts in the world reached a new high of 292 million in 2016, and this number will continue to rise to 600 million by 2020. As for the number of people aware of esports, their amount is estimated to reach 1.5 billion in 2020. With such promising figures, gleetz.gg is there to bring them all a dedicated social network where they won’t feel misplaced.

“Our research throughout our start-up establishment phase has shown us, that esports and related content is not yet recognised as professional enough to appear on current available networks. We understand this frustration, which led us to the solution. By bringing gleetz.gg to life, we encourage everyone to be a driver of esports and actively engage in the network. This is the only way we can collectively achieve our aim.” related Alexandra “Maxima” Berthold, Founder.

Former pro gamer and winner of two French cups, one European cup and one World cup (ESWC) on Call of Duty, Marc “vazy” Berthold obtained his Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship from the EM Strasbourg Business School. He uses the experience acquired as pro gamer to support and to drive the expansion of esports.

Alexandra “Maxima” Berthold, who studied Law in England and obtained her Masters Degree in Intellectual Property and IT Law from King’s College London, has always been involved in entrepreneurial projects. Founder of a Free Legal Advice project, President and Vice-President at Enactus NTU and Deputy Director of a social enterprise, she fell in love with the esports industry and is now fully dedicated to bringing gamers of the world the best place to enjoy their passion.

Marc Berthold / Alexandra Berthold