S.L. Benfica & KickUP invest in gleetz.gg

S.L. Benfica & KickUP invest in gleetz.gg

gleetz.gg, the 1st professional social network for Gaming & esports, has been chosen as one of the best startups to join the KickUP Sports Accelerator in cooperation with the football club of S.L. Benfica. By being the only esports startup working from the S.L. Benfica installations, it shows the value our two new partners grant gleetz.gg. Whether it’s the access to the stadium stands for interviews or esports strategy meetings, gleetz.gg is benefiting from the open environment – this is a real privilege.

S.L. Benfica & KickUP invest in gleetz.gg 2

Reaching new markets

Another promising incentive for clubs to invest is the chance of reaching new markets -particularly esports. However, more teams and ownership groups in European football and US major league sport are going beyond the classic PR hire of an esports player to make wholesale investments in teams and properties.

By being selected as the most passionate and hard-working startup, gleetz.gg is the only esports focused startup in the programme. Founder and esports veteran Marc ‘vazy’ Berthold states:


Having a successful and well known football club such as S.L. Benfica believing in gleetz.gg, and investing in it, is extremely valuable. It proves us that our concept and our team have what it takes: the potential and the right vision, and also the esports expertise of more than 15 years. More traditional sports clubs are investing in esports, mostly through teams/players. In our case, we are the professional Gaming & esports hub, connecting all the actors of the market on the platform – gleetz.gg will have a more sustainable impact in the long term.

International Endorsement

gleetz.gg is already used by famous teams and players, such as from Evil Geniuses, mousesports, Grow uP eSports, FAB Games eSports, Sporting Clube de Portugal eSportsEstoril Praia Esports etc.

It is the hub that fills in the gap in the esports industry. It offers gamers, teams, companies and professionals to:

  • Build a tailored online Gaming CV (esports career, events, equipment, games,..)
  • Create dedicated Team Pages (showcase their lineups, members, partners, achievements..)
  • Create dedicated Company Pages (direct marketing of products/services/events..)
  • Use the Recruitment portal for Teams and Players (find new players or a new team)
  • Use the Professional Job Portal (find a job in the Gaming & esports industry)
  • Grow the network (connect with other esports enthusiasts & e-nfluencers)
  • Reach out to sponsors & potential partners (nationally & internationally)

S.L. Benfica & KickUP invest in gleetz.gg 3

30% growth (MoM)

The platform is extremely well received by the community and growing at more than 30% month over month. gleetz.gg is currently in the process of fundraising to keep this growth pace and scale internationally. It is a pleasure to see that players, teams, companies and sponsors understand that gleetz.gg is the legitimate platform for them to connect and interact with the rest of the market. And of course, for free.

A lot of new features are about to be released. We invite everyone to connect to https://gleetz.gg to be part of the esports revolution the best possible way.

S.L. Benfica & KickUP invest in gleetz.gg 4




Alexandra Melissa Berthold is the Co-founder & Legal Counsel at https://gleetz.gg as well as the CEO of gleetz.gg Legal Services. She holds a LLB in Law and LLM in Intellectual Property & IT Law. Having worked for different companies in the Contracts department, Alexandra combines her knowledge of esports and the law to specialise in esports contracts.

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