ESL One Cologne 2017 review

ESL One Cologne 2017 – Review

A few weeks after coming back from the ESL One Cologne 2017 (Germany), we wanted to tell you a bit more about how we felt about the event, from the inside!

ESL One Cologne 2017 – The venue

Let’s be honest, the ESL One Cologne 2017‘s venue is absolutely fantastic. We have attended many events, as visitors, press or players. And even for us, the venue and its atmosphere are absolutely sensational. Since we attended as press, we were shown how to access the press zone which was at the lowest level of the arena. From there, we could take a side door which led us directly to the ground floor of the arena. Just in front of the main stage!

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The same entrance as if you would be a player entering the stadium. And it gives you this amazing feeling, looking at all the seats around you, knowing that a few hours later, this crowd would be cheering and be very loud.

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And the view from the stage, looking at the stands, is even more impressive and adds up to the pressure you have when you’re playing there. You know and you feel that the single mistake you’ll do will be witnessed by thousands of people. And these will not be gentle with you when that happens.

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Since we wanted to see the arena from every single angle possible, we decided to go the highest point of the stands, at the 3rd (even 4th) level of the Arena. You would think that you can’t see much of the show, but you couldn’t be more wrong. With 2 King-size screens hanged up in the air, you could see the action even better than on the ground floor. And you also have the chance to hear the echo of the cheers from the crowd when there is a clutch. Absolutely mesmerizing.

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ESL One Cologne 2017 – The show

At ESL One Cologne, everything is extreme. Just like the venue itself is magical, the show is even more. Everything is thought through by the ESL team. An eye on the massive trophy waiting in the middle of the stage and you are sent 1000 km away, dreaming of lifting it up with the crowd cheering for you. But that’s not everything of course. Smoke, fire, laser and lights, everything is gathered to make the show the best possible.

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One of the highlights of the event is obviously the entrance of the players. Unlike every other event where the players enter from the back of the stage, it is entirely different here. They come from the other side of the arena, walking through the fans, shaking hands before finally reaching the stage. Just like you would see for Boxing fights. It definitely gives the whole show a different atmosphere and make it unique. Not sure we have seen this at any other event and we can’t get this feeling off my mind. It is truly mind-blowing.

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Finally, since we are at an esports event after-all, we have to say a word about the matches themselves. With the best teams in the world coming to Cologne, we could expect some really good matches. And it was once again the case. This year again, we had the chance to see some amazing comebacks. Teams we thought would be crushed down after a huge loss on the first map. But on the contrary, these were able to turn the game entirely and win the match. The crowd really helped them in that case.

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ESL One Cologne 2017 – The crowd

For such an event, there can only be an awesome crowd. Mixed with gamers and enthusiasts from all around the world, the event was packed! In fact, the viewership this year has broken its previous records. 15.000 visitors have attended this major event, the most since its inception in 2014. We have met visitors from Denmark, the USA, France, Portugal, and Turkey. Emotions were flowing during all the matches, accompanied by cheers and small choreographies.

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ESL One Cologne 2017 – The goodies

With your right ticket, you could also enjoy the goodies provided by ESL at the venue. Find here the pictures of what was expecting you in your goodie bags!

Here is the goodie bag:

ESL One Cologne goodie back

The special edition T-shirt, representing Cologne:

ESL One Cologne 2017 T-shirt

The special edition mouse pad (soft):

ESL One Cologne 2017 mouse pad

ESL One Cologne 2017 mouse pad 2

The exclusive ESL notebook:

ESL One Cologne 2017 Notebook

ESL One Cologne 2017 Notebook 2

The ESL One Cologne 2017 booklet, containing all useful info:

ESL One Cologne 2017 Booklet

ESL One Cologne 2017 Booklet 2

ESL One Cologne 2017 Booklet 3

Overall it was a great experience to have been present at the event as press. We were able to take fantastic pictures which you can all find here, as well as footage.


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