Virtual Reality & eSport, is it a good fit?

esports & Virtual Reality, is it a good fit?

Last CES in Las Vegas was all about Virtual Reality (VR), whether it was through Virtual Reality headsets, glasses, portable solutions or plug and play. Media don’t stop talking about it. It would be interesting to see whether or not Virtual Reality has a future on another booming market: eSport! How could the growing eSport market and the increasing interest towards Virtual Reality be combined? Could it create a new discipline, or at least an improved Gaming experience? Since vazy was himself French, European and World Champion on Call of Duty 4 (FPS), we will focus our analysis on this category. It is indeed the one we know the best.

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Virtual Reality: increased gaming experience

VR, as we know it today gives the gamer an increased gaming experience. The immersion reaches a stage we would never have thought possible a few years ago. We can already picture ourselves rushing on mp_backlot or feel the intensity of the battle on de_dust2. Using VR when playing an FPS seems highly interesting and would for sure raise all our senses.

As the team, we recently had the opportunity to try VR & the new Resident Evil. No need to add that there is a subjective view. And we can guarantee that the immersion and intensity were 100% there. We can still remember vazy leaning on the couch to avoid a knife stab, giving a kick in the air (thinking he would keep the zombie away from him), or even scream while he was caught by a monster hidden behind him.

From an experience point of view, the FPS seem to be one of the best games categories for Virtual Reality. However, doesn’t all of this decrease the performance a pro gamer is looking for?

Virtual Reality: decreased gaming performance

Indeed, as a pro gamer, you will do everything to be as efficient and as quick as possible in order to be better than your opponent. While an FPS gamer (on PC) will tweak every single setting to have the perfect mouse sensitivity, will he/she accept to lower his efficiency in order to have an increased immersion? And even if all the gamers would be equipped with this technology, it remains hardly bearable for long lasting gaming sessions, which would negatively impact the training.

Putting aside the different constraints for the gamers, VR could also decrease the entertainment linked to eSport. Indeed, the rhythm would obviously be slower and less spectacular. We can’t really imagine a gamer doing a 360° kill when equipped with VR Glasses. It is a valid interrogation and the current technology doesn’t seem to be ready for this. It is complicated (if not impossible) to see correctly the smallest details through the glasses (while seeing a pixel or not can make the difference between taking the kill or being killed). Furthermore, the sweat resulting from pressure and stress leads to steam which makes it even more difficult to see. Not to mention that wearing Virtual Reality Glasses can be tough for someone already wearing normal glasses.


As a conclusion, we at, believe that VR is a really nice technology from a gaming experience point of view and that it has the capacity to attract the mass market as an entertainment product (just look at how many people gather around someone wearing VR glasses..). However, using Virtual Reality in eSport is for us still too soon. And it will only be possible thanks to future technological improvements.

And you, have you tried VR? Tell us what you think about it in the comments section below!



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One thought on “esports & Virtual Reality, is it a good fit?

  1. VR seems to be more gimmicky in its present form. Yes its nice,, but will gamers / or even normal customers take to it in a big way? Not really.

    I feel Virtual Reality is at a very nascent stage. It definitely needs more work and a breakthrough in order to be accepted widely.

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