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An esports World Champion part of the founding members of SAHB eSports

For its 50th anniversary, SAHB innovates and launches- as it was previously mentioned on the club’s website- SAHB eSports.

With 29 years spent at the professional level of French Handball (7 seasons in 2nd Division and 22 seasons in 1st division), SAHB wants to use its expertise to promote and develop SAHB eSports.

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The association was founded on Wednesday, 27th September 2017 in Sélestat, France.

The newly formed association comprises, on the one hand, of managing members of SAHB, and, on the other hand, of esports experts.

Therefore, the following people are part of this new section: Vincent (Vice-president of SASP), Christian (Managing Director of SASP), Frédéric (Marketing and Communication manager of SAHB), Daniel (member of the board of SASP) and Loïc (IT partner of the SAHB) as well as the esports enthusiasts Samantha, Thomas, Pierre Louis and Antoine. Part of the adventure are also Alexandra (co-founder of, 1st professional social network 100% esports, partner of S.L. Benfica) and Marc (co-founder & CEO of– French, European and World Champion on Call of Duty 4).


Vincent MOMPER, initiator and President of SAHB eSports:

“I noticed a lot of similarities between handball and esports. We will do our best to apply to esports what works quite well for us in handball for the last past years. By the way, SAHB’s slogans work perfectly for esports:

The victory is in our hands– we just have to “replace” the ball by a mouse, a keyboard or a controller.

Emotions creator– our objective is to bring emotions to the fans during our upcoming events.

I have attended the recent League of Legends EU LCS, early September in Paris, and I felt the same way as when I attended, a few months earlier, the Handball Final Four of the Champions League in Cologne, Germany.

The objective of SAHB eSports is to create a League of Legends team, which will be the spotlight of the association. But we also want to provide an experience to the casual esports enthusiasts, vast majority and several million in France only.

Training centre, training sessions with our players, tournaments and events… We are willing to create events which will help gamers to meet, exchange, share and improve while spreading the word about their passion. And just like with handball, we will also think about a way to let the most talented of them to be professionally involved in esports”.


Marc BERTHOLD, Vice-president, former pro gamer and World Champion:

“When SAHB, the club of my region, presented its vision and esports project to me, I was convinced right away. I understood that the objective was much broader as simply creating an esports team and attending competitions. That is what I really liked. I was lucky enough to have a successful career as a gamer, with, amongst other, a World Champion title on Call of Duty. Combining this with my experience from, I believe that I have the ability to help SAHB eSports to become as successful and famous as SAHB itself. Together, I am certain that we will be able to bring emotions to esports fans.”


Stay tuned!

In the upcoming days, we will not only announce the League of Legends line-up, but also the events and training projects we will bring to life, as well as a lot of other surprises.


The founding members of SAHB eSports:

President: Vincent MOMPER

Vice-president- Marketing & Communication Manager: Frédéric ANTOINE

Vice-president- esports teams’ Manager: Thomas HAMMER

Vice-president- Spokesperson & Media Manager: Marc BERTHOLD

Vice-president- International Spokesperson: Alexandra BERTHOLD

General Secretary & IT Manager: Loïc de VAULX

Assistant Secretary: Pierre Louis MUGLER

Treasurer: Daniel KUSS

Other founding members: Samantha GIMONET, Christian OMEYER and Antoine MOMPER

SAHB eSports banner

(from left to right on the picture: Daniel, Frédéric, Samantha, Thomas, Loïc, Pierre Louis, Antoine, Vincent, Christian, Alexandra, Marc).

You can find SAHB eSports on:





Marc BERTHOLD, Vice-president- Spokesperson & Media Manager: 

Alexandra BERTHOLD, Vice-president- International Spokesperson: 


Founder & CEO of Esports brought me so much, that it is more than natural to help grow it. By bringing to life, we want to ensure that every esports enthusiast in the world can live his passion fully.

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