Gamers Assembly Day 1

Gamers Assembly 2017 – Day 1

As already announced 3 weeks ago, the World eSport team is attending the Gamers Assembly 2017 (#GA2017) as Press this year. Having attended the previous GA´s, and to be specific, the ones in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2014 as pro gamers, it is fantastic to be back again! After a 7 hour journey, the team has touched down to collect their Press Passes right away. It feels good to be able to enter straight the venue while all the players are still waiting. Indeed, the queue has not stopped growing, even at 23:30 pm!

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What has happened so far?

The team met with Damien from Gamers League, who showed them around the venue. Still in the process of setting everything up and ready for the kickass weekend, they could get an inside already. The different stands look very inviting and appealing, as well as the Razer Bus, on which we could hop on. The Razer Bus is a must see because it’s just too cool to be an ordinary bus!  A factor which distinguishes the GA from many other events around Europe is the stage. The stage makes the difference. And this year’s stage will be no disappointment, guaranteed! No pictures can be shown, as it’s still top secret, but stay tuned since the team will show you more tomorrow!

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La Taverne du Geek

This eSport and Gaming Bar in Poitiers has already made itself known to the World eSport team. It was time to check it out! The bar is inviting and offers everything gamers need. And not only the casual gamers but also the pro gamers. The team left the venue and headed to the bar for the Influencers evening held at the Taverne du Geek.

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And they were right to do so, since they managed to meet Arma Team Showtime, Genius (Game One), Le Roi Louis or Aurélien Sama (both Minecraft celebrities). It was great to exchange with all of them and find out more about their expectations and objectives for this GA.

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Back to the event

After the team left the Influencers event, they couldn’t manage to straight go back to the hotel and had to have another stop at the GA venue. And they were right once again, as they managed to meet the first teams, setting up everything. And some of them were already training, like Aera esport on Rainbow 6 Siege for example. It definitely reminded the World eSport team of their Pro Gaming time on Call of Duty 4, as the Friday evening was always a time for the players to relax and ascertain that everything works well.

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