Give me a job in esport

Give me a job in eSport!

The World eSport team just got back from Paris, France, where we attended an event hosted at the E42 school, a private institute in France and the USA, focused on IT and development studies. Invited were four main stage speakers, of which, one was Vazy. The hot topic of the evening was (literally translated): `eSport- a real opportunity or just a puff?´.

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Once you feel eSport, there is no way out

The animator of the evening was Julien. The kind of person that is positive and always in a good mood, breaking the ice by making jokes everyone laughs about. The perfect prerequisite for being a caster in the eSport sector- normally. He opened the stage by sharing information about his own life decision: ´I just quit my job 3 days ago. I was working at the cinema and now I´m fed up. I want to work in eSport! That is my dream´. Just imagine what impression that left on everyone. Someone is leaving a secure job for an ideal job in a developing industry. Why would you do that? Well, I guess the answer is easy. Once you feel eSport, there is no way out.

The discussion itself was informative, as the speakers are influential actors in the eSport scene in France. Vazy himself could easily talk about his previous experience as a former pro gamer and how eSport has been developing into a hugely promising industry itself. However, what struck us most, was the networking event after the stage discussion.

I would do anything in eSport

The second after Julien closed the floor, the audience streamed down and started approaching us with their questions and their say. Vazy was immediately circled by three guys and I was approached by another. He right away started telling me how useful and genius he found the concept of World eSport. He told me how desperately he had been looking for a job in eSport for months now and has had no luck so far. I could literally feel his passion and ambition in making eSport his daily job– it was fantastic. I quietly continued to listen to his story. Having applied to the big guys, such as Blizzard, and then to some of the companies in France and even to those other speakers, who were present on stage, he had been turned down.

Fortunately, at least Blizzard had answered his application, though turning him down as well and wishing him all the best. I asked him what it was he would like to do in eSport, and the answer did not actually surprise me, ´Anything! I would do anything in eSport´. He told me that he even thought of the exact same concept as that of World eSport, but didn’t go further into it. I smiled and told him to sign up on right away. Encouraged by my words, he asked me if we were hiring and if I wanted a copy of his CV. I gave him card in exchange and he said that he actually carried along a paper copy. Lol. Again I couldn’t help but smile and admire the passion he had. I took his CV and checked it out quickly. He is indeed capable of doing almost ´everything and anything´ in the eSport industry. (A day after, we received the soft copy, too!)

An opportunity in eSport thanks to World eSport

Before we left the networking session, I caught Julien again, and I told him how much I respect him for his choice. He told me that he was fed up and wanted to be happy with the job he loved doing. We are again proven right with our vision at World eSport. Everyone, who wants to work and gain experience in eSport, must have a platform and a place where they can connect and make use of the services we offer for free. It is for us at World eSport to help and offer all these motivated and driven individuals an opportunity in eSport.

Therefore, support us and our concept!

For us it was a pleasure being at the event, meeting these excellent individuals and seeing,one more time, that we are doing the right thing. Let´s take eSport to the next level- together.

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