at the gamescom 2017 at the gamescom 2017

During this year´s gamescom, we focused on meetings and testing some of the upcoming games- Scroll down for more!

Gamescom 2017: Tuesday

Again, this year´s Gamescom resulted in the ideal opportunity to meet with different stakeholders, partners and friends. Our schedule was pretty busy! On Monday evening, after the SPOBIS Gaming & Media Conference, we met with the President and the Vice President of the Geneva Gaming Convention, Nicolas and Adrien. Over a few drinks at the Hardrock Cafe in Cologne City, we discussed and enjoyed getting to know each other!

On Tuesday, during the press day, we continued with our meetings. In the morning, we met with Multiplay at the UKIE Area. You totally felt like you were in the UK: a bar, a pub environment, lots of British flags.

The next meeting was with Stephen and Andreas from PENTA Sports. It was a real pleasure finally meeting both in person and discussing on the sunny terrace. Check out here our selfie: at the gamescom 2017 6

After having fries and German sausages in the sun, we moved back to the B2B area to meet with Mathieu from Hipay Mobile, introducing them to on a business level.

We then chilled with Ollie from Esports Insider around the food & drink area, finally getting to know the guys that have newsed about us in the past.

Our last business meeting of the day was with Sport 1, the German sports channel, which is actively involved in esports. We discussed different topics over a coffee at the ESL VIP Lounge!

For some team building and the exchange of next steps, we met with Storm from our Team Hearthstone lineup. Over some delicious dinner, we evaluated the next steps and bonded even more.

Gamescom 2017: Wednesday

The morning kicked off with meeting some members of our partner ESVD. We briefly exchanged on our next steps together as partners, for and for the ESVD. at the gamescom 2017 9

Another Team Hearthstone member joined us at the Gamescom. Shusi was present and collected his new jersey plus hoodie!

The fair was completely full, nothing in comparison to the day before! Cosplayers, gamers, fans, enthusiasts, children and their parents were all busy visiting.

While striding along the full corridors, we had a guy coming up to us, recognizing us by our jerseys. It was an eSports Club Wiesbaden member, who took us to our friends Murat and Florian. We literally discussed for 30 mins in the middle of the Gwent booth. No, we didn´t get kicked. In fact, we received some awesome pins by the character Dandelion! at the gamescom 2017 8

We then visited the Gaming Istanbul booth at the B2B section, where I was keen on meeting Cevher and the rest of the team. We see how crucial the Turkish esports market is, as we have many players and teams joining GIST is aiming to become the connecting bridge between European and Asian esports. are pursuing similar aims, by becoming the bridge between the different actors in the esports & Gaming industries: fans & players, teams and companies/sponsors!

Our last stop by was at the Freaks 4U Gaming booth. We met with their HR Team to discuss how can support their recruitment process in the future.

Gamescom 2017: The Games

While going to the Gamescom 2017 was for us a great opportunity to meet with people from the industry, we didn’t forget a key aspect of the fair: the games! And you just had to have a look at the queue to play some of them to understand the hype around the future releases.

The first game we tried was FIFA 18. As we are currently playing FIFA 17 quite a lot, we couldn’t resist testing this one. We did a couple of quick matches and obviously had to take PSG (in his away kit of course). No need to say that Neymar was part of the team. Let’s admit it right away, the graphics are absolutely sensational. While FIFA 17 wasn’t bad at all, playing FIFA 18 for a couple of minutes really showed the difference right away. The facial expression of the players has really improved, letting you admire (huh?) the smallest pimple of Kurzawa’s cheek. The way players move has also greatly improved and everything looks much smoother, more realistic but also less predictable. While FIFA 17 required you to use tricks in order to dribble properly, FIFA 18 makes it easier to switch direction while running (when you have the right player for that of course). It is, therefore, more difficult (a lot more actually) to defend correctly and we must admit that it took us some time to get used to the defense system. The ball trajectory when crossing it as well as the overall dynamic of the game makes it a real pleasure to play it. We can’t wait for the release to jump on it! at the gamescom 2017 3 at the gamescom 2017 4

The second game we tried was a special one for us. As a huge fan of Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings (it is the first game we really played in online multiplayer), we got really enthusiastic when Microsoft announced Age of Empires: Definitive Edition. Not much to say about it besides the fact that everything we loved about it ages ago is there, and even better. The graphics are really improved and it makes it really enjoyable to play again. And yes, the famous wololo is still as annoying for the enemy as it is exciting for you to hear 😀

Finally, we tried the new Call of Duty: World War II. And being able to test it was all but an easy task. We’ve been trying to put our hands on it the whole day but every time we decided to head to the queue, another spontaneous meeting appeared. And it is one of the few games which had people lining up for the whole day long. We would obviously have preferred to try it on PC, as we must admit that we really suck with a controller, but our curiosity was too strong and we couldn’t resist. Let’s admit it, it is a real pleasure to be back in World War II and to finally get rid off this futuristic environment. The game itself, the way you move, the sight, the hitbox etc. is 100% Call of Duty. You love it or you hate it, but we really love it. We had the possibility to try the game in multiplayer 8vs8 in a classic TDM or in a War mode where you need to capture objectives to unlock the next one. If you are familiar with Call of Duty, it will a piece of cake for you to get onboard with this one. It was a real pleasure for us to play this Call of Duty: World War II and we can already say that we will get it the second it’s out. The only complaints we have is the fact that you can actually reload an M1 Garand. Having to aim for the head knowing that you only had one bullet left, or making noise and firing to be able to reload was an intense challenge in Call of Duty 1 & 2. Even for us who are really not confident using a controller for FPS games, it was a great experience. And yes, we even finished at the top of the scoreboard with a 22-1 ratio 😀 at the gamescom 2017 5

Again, this year’s Gamescom was a wonderful experience both in terms of meeting for gleetz and in terms of games we could test. We are already looking forward to the next edition!

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