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Team of Anatolia (TOA E-Sports) is a Turkish esports club, founded in 2015, and all works were completed by the 01.01.2016. The Club counts hundreds of members to date, entering the esports community quickly. In the short time it was established, it has taken its place among the decisive clubs of the Turkish E-Sports Community. TOA E-Sports is determined to make a name for itself in the 2017-2018 season. We talked to the Founder of TOA E-Sports Ahmet Bozyel.


 1. How long have you been involved in esports? What are your major achievements?

We joined to the electronic sports world in 2016 with the name “TOA E-Sports”. From the first season we joined, we achieved great things on all the branches we’ve created.


 2. What made you found TOA?

The club was founded to provide opportunities to people who are in need of success, making them earn better habits by playing and socialise instead of learning bad habits. The Club shares 80% of its profits with its players.

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 3. What are your recent developments with the team?

TOA E-Sports is not focused on only one game. It has teams and future plans in almost all competitive games. These, so far, include CS:GO, League of Legends and Rocket League. The club wants to prove its potential in Europe during the 2017-2018 season, so it set its work and its sub-structure accordingly.


 4. What is your main focus game with TOA? What are the next steps for you nationally?

TOA E-Sport is certainly not a local team. From the first season it was founded, it set all its focus on Europe to achieve success on a European and International level.  It only attends tournaments of event organisers/companies which have the same focus as we do. A recent example is the Dreamhack Atlanta CS:GO EU Online Qualifier, where we got through to Round 3.

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 5. How do you see the Turkish esports Community?

There’s a decent infrastructure in Turkey for electronic sports. This infrastructure is mainly constructed by qualified players. Except for several professional companies, there’s unfortunately not much support in Turkey in electronic sports.


 6. What major issues are you facing in order to develop further?

We, as TOA E-Sports,  have the architects who were raised with esports, planning a future in esports and living the moment in time. This is why we’re moving on by trying to build our own future by ourselves and setting our financial structure accordingly.


7. How do you currently attract new sponsors?

We, of course, use Facebook, for now.. Because it is the most used social network by both: personal and clubs. The companies, which want to become our sponsors, are reaching us via our official website or social media.


 8. Do you think that will benefit the Turkish community and the young talents? is a website for teams to promote themselves and find sponsors more easily. Teams should definitely join there. After joining, we got ourselves great supporters from Europe. Currently, our team has received several invitations from outside of Europe, from different continents and countries. And of course, we can’t forget about our sponsorship with


 9. What is your motivation to use

We saw what is trying to do. We’re here because is trying to combine teams, provide great sponsorships and building the first electronic sports database. As we already said during our conversations, “we’re permanent individuals of esports, we’re there, where the success is.”


We present to you the 2017/18 season jerseys ‘Black Evolution’ of TOA E-Sports, designed by Berkan Isik. 

TOA jersey

Comment by The jersey features the main colours of TOA E-Sports, expressing dynamism and power. The logo looks stunning on the back! We thank the team for including us on their jerseys alongside other great brands.

Berkan has also designed the apparel for our 2017/18 season. apparel 2017/2018


Be sure to join, and to follow TOA E-Sports’ official page available here


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