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The long awaited and highly demanded Team pages are finally here! As we told you in our article, we have been incredibly busy with the rebrand and rebuild of the platform. However, after repeated inquiries by Teams on when they would finally have their very own pages, we have opened the Lobby today. Get started and customise your Team page now!

Create your account now on

What is the Lobby?

The Lobby reserves a dedicated space on, giving different actors their very own showcase place. It is the home for Team pages, Company pages, Groups, Online & Offline Events, as well as our E-nfluencers.  Through the Lobby, you can now easily create your Team page and search for other Teams to follow on!

Why have my own Team page?

Whether you are younger or long established, small to mid-sized Team, this new feature will be absolutely beneficial. You will be able to grow your Team visibility in the esports & Gaming world, increase the number of followers you have, recruit new players/lineups and also staff members, easily share all your Team information with potential sponsors, show all the events you have attended/will attend and your biggest Team achievements. Everything on just one platform –!

Create & showcase your Team

  • Add your Team general information
  • Add your customised Profile & Cover picture
  • Showcase all your lineups (all players must have a account)
  • Add all your staff/volunteers/etc. to the Business Tab
  • Assign admins, writers and members
  • You can post for members only (posts will only be visible for members)
  • Add your Team Games & Platforms
  • Have a dedicated Team Album
  • More additional features will soon follow!

How to video

Check here the ‘How to create your Team page’ video guide:

Create a team page:

Add members:

Add games:

Add lineups:


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