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One of the recent teams, which has joined the community, is TMA-eSport from Germany. We took the opportunity to talk to Basti “Basteeeey__” K., 22 years old, from Germany. Basteeeey is a player and an executive at TMA-eSport.

Can you introduce TMA-eSport to those who may not have heard about you yet?

TMA is a Multigaming clan from Germany. We have around 130 members, which are organised in 10 different teams. Our main games are FIFA17, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered, Rocket League, Neverwinter and Rainbow Six Siege. Our platforms are mainly PlayStation 4, but we also have members playing PC, for example, our Rocket League Squads. Our most successful years were at the beginning of our clan, when we played with the best teams in the “Playstationliga” in Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Fifa. Also last year, one of our teams came 4th place at a CoD offline event.

What is the origin of the name ‘TMA’?

At the beginning, the meaning of TMA was “Terror Muppets Alive”.

We often changed the meaning, but never the contraction. We were always known under TMA.

Later, we decided that there isn’t any meaning to it anymore. That was when decided to name our clan “TMA-eSport”.

TMA-eSport page

You have recently celebrated 9 years of TMA-eSport. Congratulations! What are the most memorable moments during these years for the team?

Thank you! I think ,on one hand, we like to think back at our glorious and successful years, but also to every clan reunion in real life. We try to celebrate our friendship every year before Christmas. That is why we try to meet up in Berlin with as many members as possible. Last year, for example, we were up to 40! This is what we want to show: there isn’t only success to celebrate, but also to celebrate each other, our friendship and the fun we have.

What are your key factors of keeping a team last for so long?

I believe that a strong, reliable, trustworthy and involved leadership by our CEO “DJ_AK_85” and CFO “Ecckkyy”, who are leading this clan since 2008, are the main reasons that we are lasting so long. They are very caring, spend a lot of their free time and money on the team, which is awesome. They have led the clan to this point where we are today, with professionalism, but also never forgot that we are all friends. I, in the name of TMA, want to thank them very much!

How would you describe the mentality at TMA-eSport and what differentiates you, in your opinion, from other teams?

TMA isn’t just a clan, it’s a family. A lot of our members meet up during their free time, spend time together online and in real life. We try to meet up every year before Christmas and that’s what TMA is about. Yes, we want to be successful in the near future, but we never forget that we are all friends.  And I think, that is the most important thing, which separates us from other teams.

What are your recent developments with the team?

Our clan is growing steadily. This week one of Germany’s most successful Hardcore teams joined our clan, we are looking forward to new games, where we want to start as fruitfully as possible, for example in the Pro Club at Fifa 18 or in the ESL and DeSBL (Deutsche eSport Bundesliga (German eSport League)) at CoD WW2.

What are the next steps for TMA eSport nationally?

We want to play as successfully as possible at online and offline events. Our target is to “make TMA great again” :D. We firstly want to show the German teams, that we will be a serious opponent.

Call of Duty seems to be your main game. How do you think will the CoD scene evolve in Germany and in Europe?

It is rapidly growing. Which is good and bad. The esports Community grows faster and faster, gets more and more attention and a lot more players. So we have a lot of teams, young players and big requirements for more leagues and events (national and international). But unfortunately, players get younger and younger, everyone wants to earn a lot of money with playing video games, without caring about school or jobs. That’s why we have a split opinion towards the hype in the community.

We hope that the CoD scene will get more attention in the media in Germany and Europe, like in the USA. If so, we could make esports perhaps a real sport with a lot more attention some day.

How do you deal with recruiting new talents / players?

We always search for players for our teams, but we have the rule that our players have to be at least 18 years old, because as a soon to be registered association, we also have to look at youth protection. When we find a player, which could support one of our teams, we firstly test him during the trial period and, if he fits in the team, we keep him there.

How does TMA-eSport attract new sponsors?

We got a big social media range on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where we can help sponsors to get more attention, and also we have a lot of potential customers in our clan. We have a good business plan and know what we want. We get a lot of attention because of our teams and we are growing into a bigger organisation.

How did TMA-eSport find about

Our leader “DJ_AK_85” told me that he heard something about and that I have to try to get a quick overview about the platform, because he thinks that will be a must have for the esports community. That’s why he wanted us to join the community.

How do you think will benefit the German community and its young talents?

I believe will be a big benefit for the community and its players. Mainly because of the good structure and the networking opportunities between players and teams. We hope that there will be more users joining and benefiting from the platform.

What is TMA-eSport´s motivation to use

We want to represent us, our teams and the clan as a whole. We want to network nationally and internationally. We want to get more attention, but also more information about other teams and players from all around the world.

And finally, give us 3 reasons why everyone needs to know about TMA-eSport outside of Germany:

-we are very sympathetic

-we are one big family which has not lost the fun in gaming

-perhaps someday we will become a big player in Germany, later Europe and worldwide, so it would be good if you get to know us as soon as possible!


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