gleetzbox football gift box idea

Gleetzbox: the football gift box all fans will love!

Here is a fantastic gift idea for football fans. Gleetzbox is a Europe-based startup that curates and sends football teams-themed gift boxes. The gleetzbox starts at 54,9€ and includes about 80€ worth of officially licensed apparel or fan gear from the football teams you choose.

gleetzbox: original gift idea for football fans

You won’t know what is exactly in a box before you buy it. But boxes typically include a few pieces of apparel and other themed items like keychains or mugs. Each box contains 5 official products randomly selected amongst several items. So far, an official scarf and headwear (cap or knitted hat) are guaranteed in almost every box available.

Shopping gifts for the fans in our lives has proven to be a really terrible experience. Finding out the right team, browsing among thousands of different products, compromising between 2 items due to their high price… Not to mention that the customer service you usually find at such places is literally non-existent. With gleetzbox, we want to change this.  Our mission at gleetzbox is simple: to deliver the best gifting experience for all sports fans.

gleetzbox football gift box

Official products, great deal

If you are looking for gift ideas for him/her, this gleetzbox might really be the football gift you were dreaming of. So far, you can choose amongst 4 European top teams they have in stock: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Barcelona, and others are already announced (PSG, Manchester United & City etc.).

Arsenal - Gleetzbox - Spring 2018 - Version 1 Chelsea - Gleetzbox - Spring 2018 - Chelsea gift idea - Chelsea gift box Barcelona - Gleetzbox - Spring 2018 - Barcelona gift idea - Barcelona gift box Liverpool - Gleetzbox - Spring 2018 - Liverpool gift idea - Liverpool gift box

All the products they ship are officially licensed and 100% official. In the Arsenal box we received, we got a scarf, cap, knitted beanie, keyring and embroidered towel. 54,9€ definitely seems like a bargain in comparison to what we would have paid in retail.

Gleetzbox plans on expanding quickly to other major European football teams. If you are looking for an original gift idea for a football fan you know (birthday, valentines etc.), you should definitely give this gleetzbox a try. You can find more information at


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