KickUp Sports Innovation Bootcamp

The World eSport team has just returned from Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. With the best burger in the world, the sunny and warm climate, they had the best conditions for performing during the KickUp Sports Innovation Bootcamp. World eSport was selected amongst the top 20 start-ups, which all attended the Bootcamp in Lisbon. The Mini Demo day on Day #4 was the final presentation of the pitch and decided upon which teams will get through to the 3-month programme. Only 10 could make it! What is in it? An upfront financial investment, office facility at the Benfica Estádio da Luz, mentors, business workshops & classes, fitness & nutrition programme, events, and much more!

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Day #1 – Stadium Tour

What can be better than kicking off an intensive 3-day Bootcamp in Lisbon with an exclusive stadium tour at the Estádio da Luz in Benfica? As football lovers, visiting another recognised stadium was the perfect opportunity to mentally prepare for the demanding days ahead. Learning about the history of Benfica, seeing the changing rooms, walking around the full stadium and going down to the pitch was a fantastic experience! This surely motivated the team to work hard and earn a spot under the best 10 start-ups joining the programme! Here are some insights of the tour:

Day #2 – Pitch, Pitch, Pitch

In order to prepare the start-ups for all the pitching in the afternoon, the KickUp team organised a session on Mindfulness with an experienced mentor. After relaxing and taking some very useful advice, there was another workshop. Here, the focus was on how to make a sports/esports idea to a value proposition. With the workshop details, the team improved their pitch for the first rehearsal. This followed right after and the feedback for the World eSport team was encouraging and positive. Yet, there was work to be done!

The KickUp team brought everyone to the Panorama Restaurant in the stadium for lunch. The view while eating was priceless! They even surprised everyone with an eagle show for the extra motivation!



Pitching to all the 20 mentors was incredibly intense. Even though the team had been to the Web Summit last November and had to pitch non-stop, this was another valuable experience to get different feedback from mentors in the traditional sports sector, as well as those who know and started investing in esports.

With all this feedback, the team then had to present to the other start-ups and the KickUp team for the first time.


Day #3 – Never give up

The morning kicked off with the pitching to win workshop. This workshop gave, even more, tips and tricks on how to enhance already solid pitches. The World eSport team quickly implemented all the ideas before it was time to get physically active! All the start-ups + the KickUp team participated in the 12th Long Mile Corrida Benfica António Leitao run. It was a hot day and packed with a lot of participants ambitious to finish the race!



We had a great time and the activity made everyone feel refreshed. The team was ready for the last preparations before Monday. After lunch, all the start-ups took their time to work on the final pitches and present to the KickUp team for their last feedback. The World eSport team took this advantage and went first to present. The team continued by giving feedback to the other start-ups and peers, ending the afternoon with a beer!


Day #4 – Mini Demo day

Here it was, the day of the final presentation to the jury! Everyone checked in at 9 am and were ready to go by 9:40 am with the first presentation of the day. In a random order, World eSport´s turn was after the coffee break (11th). While everyone refreshed and were able to focus on esports now, we gave our best and solidly answered the questions coming from the jury members of Benfica and NOS. At 13:40 pm, the KickUp Team started to announce the 10 best start-ups, which were selected by the jury. When World eSport was announced, the team was really thrilled and jumped on stage! It was a magical moment! On top of that, the team also received the prize of the Bootcamp for being the most passionate team! The prize was the Benfica Lisbon football jersey, totally worth it!


The World eSport team has a lot to organise now since the 3-month programme will kick off on the 24th of April! We are extremely eager and excited to work in the Benfica Lisbon facilities, with the KickUp team and all the mentors involved in the programme. The new chapter has just started.

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Alexandra Melissa Berthold is the Co-founder & Legal Counsel at as well as the CEO of Legal Services. She holds a LLB in Law and LLM in Intellectual Property & IT Law. Having worked for different companies in the Contracts department, Alexandra combines her knowledge of esports and the law to specialise in esports contracts.

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