New design & user experience

New design and improved user experience

With the Paris Games Week kicking off in 2 days, we really wanted to bring our users and the esports community in general something big. We’ve been working hard to release this new version of the platform as we really wanted you to enjoy connecting to gleetz. And for that, we had to work on a better-looking design and improved user experience!

Modernity & Simplicity

What we wanted to achieve is really easy. First, we wanted an elegant and modern website. Not something too crowded, not something with childish designs either. Something that would clearly stand out and make you enjoy being on the platform. We believe that with this new version, we managed to make it cleaner and more modern.

new design & user experience 2

The second point which was important for us is simplicity. With the different updates which we had released over the past months, we had added a lot of new functionalities. But we also forgot the ease of use of the website, which should be our main focus. With this release, we have reduced the number of links, of pages as well as the number of clicks to perform the different actions on

More information at-a-glance

The main area we reworked is the home page, where you land every time you connect to gleetz. We wanted to make it easier to read with the most useful information available right away. Therefore, we decided to go for a 3-columns design. Shortcuts to your important pages as well as an overview of the upcoming esports events are now available on the left side. The right side is dedicated to recommended contacts and esports opportunities (such as team or job offers).

new design & user experience 4

One-page profile

The second section of the website we have reworked is the profile. While the profile was split in 5 to 9 different pages on the previous version of the platform, you now have everything on just 1. Only one page to scroll to know everything about everyone. The career, experience, achievements, equipment etc. The faster it is for you to understand who the people are, the easier it will be to grow your network.

new design & user experience 3

There are plenty of other changes which you will discover while browsing on and those described above are just some of the main ones. Redesigning and simplifying the platform was a mandatory step as we already plan to release further updates in the upcoming days and weeks. continues to grow as more and more people register day after day and we thank you for this.

Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy being part of the 1st professional social network 100% Gaming & esports. And if you want to see the new design, you can access it here: 


Founder & CEO of Esports brought me so much, that it is more than natural to help grow it. By bringing to life, we want to ensure that every esports enthusiast in the world can live his passion fully.

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