World eSport Our Web Summit Journey Part 1

Our Web Summit Journey (Part 1)

Vazy & I had already heard about the Web Summit about 6 months ago and thought to ourselves – ´we should apply for the Web Summit ALPHA. We may have some luck´. The Web Summit is to take place in Lisbon, Portugal from the 8th – 10th November this year. I personally love Portugal with its beautiful landscape, the food (omg, delicious!) and the easy-going people.

But the reality looked different back then. We were nowhere near the light at the end of the tunnel with the World eSport platform. So the Web Summit was quickly put aside. At least for the time being.

It´s all about the right time

Two weeks after we went live, Vazy was on his laptop (as usual) and was quite focused (nothing unusual). But he had this look, which I know too well. ´What are you doing Vazy? ´ No answer. Well, let him do his stuff I thought to myself. 20 mins later, he broke his silence ´I applied for the Web Summit ALPHA, let´s see what it brings. ´ Well, I didn’t think much of it either. So we left it there. After one hour, we received an email from the Web Summit team, asking us for a Skype interview. And there, our hope picked up.

The Skype interview was scheduled and we had prepared ourselves for the call. To be fair, as Founders of any company, you are always supposed to know everything inside out when it comes to your company. We therefore were quite confident about World eSport, our idea and concept.

A big chance

The interview went well and uncomplicated. We did a good job in explaining World eSport, our motivation to attend the Web Summit and why we definitely need to be there. And we indeed received the good news within less than a week – World eSport got accepted and has earned the well-deserved space at the Web Summit ALPHA. We will be exhibiting World eSport and pitch our business to potential investors. This is a big chance for us and we are doing everything it takes to make it happen. We are one step closer to the next big milestone we have set for World eSport and the future of the platform. We are all highly motivated to drive our development forward in order to offer the best possible platform and services to Gaming and eSport enthusiasts!

Lisbon, we are coming!


Alexandra Melissa Berthold is the Co-founder & Legal Counsel at as well as the CEO of Legal Services. She holds a LLB in Law and LLM in Intellectual Property & IT Law. Having worked for different companies in the Contracts department, Alexandra combines her knowledge of esports and the law to specialise in esports contracts.

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