World eSport why eSport resume really matters

Why your eSports resume really matters?

We recently wrote an article about what it takes to become a pro gamer, but it isn’t everything you need. In fact, there are two main things that really matter. And that is true for gaming and eSports, but also for your career. These things are who you are, but also and most importantly who you know. This is why your eSports resume is important. Who you know will most likely make the difference and get you where you couldn’t be just with “who you are”. But it is really tough to get in touch with the right people when they don’t actually know you or what you’ve achieved.

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An eSports resume to stand out from the crowd

The gaming and eSports community is growing every day more and more. That is undeniable and it won’t decrease. But when you are a young player, hungry to catch the attention and join a team, how do you it? How can you stand out from the crowd? With more than 100M monthly players on League of Legends, 55M on the Activision games (Call of Duty, Destiny etc.) or 15M on Overwatch (according to Forbes article available here), the competition is really tough. And having your eSports resume available right away, which you can share, is a huge plus for you. Everyone will be able to see at-a-glance who you are and what you’ve done in your eSports career. Just like a normal resume would help you to stand out from the crowd to find a ‘normal’ job. And this was confirmed by iTAGX, Manager of the CoD section at eSports Club Wiesbaden. For him, it is a real asset to be able to see right away what a potential talent has done previously to evaluate and assess him. This definitely gives the candidate a serious advantage over normal applicants who just send an email to get recruited.

World eSport eSport resume

An eSports resume to grow your network

Having your eSports resume available is really helpful to stand out from the competition and get in touch with people. But you will most likely not be able to find the team of your dream on your first shot. Just like in the normal professional life, the people you know will be as important as who you are in order to reach your objective. And having your eSports resume on will make it easy for you to connect with the right people. Whether they are players, managers, team leaders or anyone else, it is easy to connect and grow your network when the person you target can easily get a good first impression of you thanks to your CV. That’s why it is important to keep your CV up to date and fill it out efficiently. The chances, that your network will help you enter the team or the eSports company you want, are much higher. So don’t neglect updating your eSports resume and growing your network.

An eSports resume to help eSport become more professional

Overall, the fact that gamers and employees from the gaming industry update their eSports resume will be extremely beneficial for the eSports industry. Even though eSports is currently in the spotlight, many people are unfamiliar with it. What our World eSport team really wants is to take eSports to the next level and help the whole sector become more professional. It would have only positive impacts on the whole ecosystem, whether it is for the teams, the companies, the sponsors etc. All the actors from eSports will benefit from a more professional approach. Teams are asking their players to sign contracts to play for them. Sponsors require many guarantees to sign partnerships. And eSport companies won’t give a job without a lot of interviews. We believe that bringing the eSports resume is an obvious way for gamers to show their commitment to this industry. An intelligent way for them to prove their willingness to be taken seriously, as normal professionals and stand out from the mass. A lot of millennials are willing to work in this fantastic industry, and we think it is the minimum for them to keep their eSports resume up to date.

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