Why World eSport is awesomely different

Why World eSport is awesomely different

When Vazy approached me with his idea and vision, which back then was just a dream, I was a bit hesitant to be honest. World eSport: a social network dedicated to gaming & eSport- sounds huge to me. Well, the afternoon when we sat at a Barcelona beach bar last year, he started telling me about this unique idea. He was really careful in the words and information he disclosed to me. I thought to myself- wth? Why can´t my back then boyfriend not trust me with his idea? I now understand better why.

Join us on www.worldesport.com, the professional social network dedicated to Gaming & eSport!

The idea is promising

Since we went live with World eSport, we have been discovering more and more ´social networks´ popping up. All of them targeting the growing eSport and gaming industries. Vazy had told me back in Barcelona, that his idea is big, and once it´s out, lots of others would try and copy it. I always denied this, and I still do. In fact, when I see with how much passion and blood we have been working to make this website come to life, I simply cannot imagine anyone else being out there having gone through the same hell as we have.

A year ago, everything was still a bit blurry. The team had changed, we were looking for developers and people who realised the same potential as we did. Our back then developer decided to back off and leave us hanging. So we then decided to work with some Indian friends we knew, and that turned into a ridiculous comedy show. Having lost time and money, most of all though, having lost faith in ever seeing this project come alive and grow, we stood back up and continued. We have had to pay for everything ourselves since the very beginning! Working full time, not saving anything for our own pleasure but investing it all into the dream.

Day and night we thought, we looked and we checked for our options and how we can finally move forward. We found Pierre, our current developer, who has been doing an outstanding job. Developing a social network from scratch and NOT with any ready code, was and still is a massive challenge. We all had to be patient and understanding, but time was running against us. The competition was not sleeping and Vazy was getting uneasy about it.

Users: our priority

With all the mental pressure, financial worries and the longing for reward and success, we finally launched the BETA version of our LinkedIn-like social network. And suddenly, out of nowhere and like small mushrooms, other platforms went online, too, or started to appear in online news (surprisingly the same ones who had published us a few weeks ago…). Surely it is an annoying and frustrating feeling, since we have been working on our launch for the past year and a half. What is probably worse though, is that users do not see the clear difference between World eSport and others.

We have developed this platform for them, for you. We have invested our time, money, tears, blood and nerves into World eSport. And we still do. We as gamers and hard-working individuals, have created this social network dedicated to gamers and everyone who is into eSport and gaming. Our team understands the industry and the digital generation better than the average out there. We are not making any profit out of this, but World eSport has become our lives. This is what makes us and World eSport different.

The minimum you can do for us, is to show your appreciation by signing up and helping us take eSport to the next level.

Visit us on: www.worldesport.com


Alexandra Melissa Berthold is the Co-founder & Legal Counsel at https://gleetz.gg as well as the CEO of gleetz.gg Legal Services. She holds a LLB in Law and LLM in Intellectual Property & IT Law. Having worked for different companies in the Contracts department, Alexandra combines her knowledge of esports and the law to specialise in esports contracts.

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